How To Get Free Visa to Sri Lanka (Travel Now!)

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As said by the great Danish author Hans Christian, “To travel, is to live”, traveling is one of the most quintessential things in everyone’s life. For the last decade, Sri Lanka has established a very good repute in the travel industry, attracting many travelers by giving them a memory that will prevail throughout their life.

Why visit Sri Lanka?

The first interrogation that comes into mind is why visit Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka is known for its paradisic nature. We have written an entire article about why you should visit Sri Lanka.

How to travel to Sri Lanka?

Well, Sri Lanka is a welcoming country. Unlike other countries, you do not need any special permission or visa to enter this country. You simply book the air tickets, figure out your locations or the destinations that you want to experience & book the necessary hotel accommodation.

While you require a visa to travel Sri Lanka, it’s a hassle-free simple task that anyone with a working internet connection can do. Yes, you can book visa through the internet via an online portal (maintained by official toursim board, Sri Lanka) or also you can easily get one on arrival but with some extra charges.

Okay, how much does it cost?

While getting a visa is an easy task, the visa is not too costly nor too cheap. You will be filling out some forms, which of course will require some amount of patience and time. The real cost of the visa per person varies upon the country.

For the nearest neigbhour Indian citizens the visa will cost around $20 (on the time of posting this article) and for other continents & countries, it varies from $30 and could extend up to $50. Please also note that the visa charges which are mentioned here are only about tourist visa.

How can I get it free?

Saving some money is always good, for travelers, it is remarkably useful. More than money the amount of time that filling out forms, setting up the online payment systems, worrying about visa all the time in the air (on arrival visa planners) and also for those who are worried about making mistakes, the easiest way is to get a visa to Sri Lanka for free.

You heard it right, you can get a free visa to visit Sri Lanka. Wanna know how? From Sri Lanka Tour Drivers we have decided to provide all of the travelers, who are visiting Sri Lanka with free Visa.

After the chaotic easter bombings, life has returned back to normal. But still, we want to contribute something to the country, to let travelers know that Sri Lanka is completely safe to visit. Therefore, we are taking the first step of your #RebuildSriLanka by offering free visa to all the travelers who are planning to visit Sri Lanka.

That sound’s great. How can I claim it?

Visa is not something like a printable document that we can proffer you immediately. We will require some further information required by the traveler.

All you have to do is fill out the contact form below and click submit. We will reach out to you and help you claim the free visa. You can also WhatsApp us by clicking the icon on the left side or even talk to us through our online chat portal which is on the right side.

Let others know, remember you might be helping someone today. Share this post to your friends and family and let them know how to get their free visa to Sri Lanka!

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