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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Sri Lanka Now

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After the heartbreaking Easter attacks that took place on April 21st Sri Lanka’s tourism has skyrocketed the other way around, from that onwards things have changed here, life is returning to normal but wrong impression is still on the face of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is well known among international travelers, because of its beautiful beaches, astonishing hill country, and mind-blowing historical sites. The country is still safe, I can just promise you with this as I am living in Colombo. Forget about fake news that is being circulated, the country is safe for travel.

I will bring forward the top 5 Reasons why you should travel to Sri Lanka right now!

1. Prices dropped, excellent service remains.

Right now, Sri Lanka is in a situation that most of the investors who have invested their time, money and energy on the travel or tourism industry are going bankrupt. This is a chance for a smart traveler to take advantage.

Hotels and activities managements have drastically dropped their prices to a lower amount without compromising on anything. The services will remain great like always it has been. This is the right chance to enjoy 5-star hotel deals for a cheap rate like 3-star hotel.

By having words with individual hotels, I just realized they just want other country travelers to feel safe when they arrive here, they have taken exceptional security measure and also made sure that people will get this all in a better rate.

This is one big opportunity to travel the country, luxuriously.

2. Kandy is a beautiful city.

With Colombo being the main center of all attacks, Kandy is a similar option to Colombo if you wanna skip Colombo. Kandy has some of the greatest attractions.

Here are some of them: 
1. The Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic
2. Royal Palace of Kandy
3. Udawattekele Sanctuary
4. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (en route visit)

Kandy can be the main reason why you should visit Sri Lanka, because of the beautiful environment and tourists show considerable interest in Kandy.

3. Top Companies want travelers, they will offer excellent service.

In recent times because of the vast amount of incoming travelers to Sri Lanka, made a significant impact on people living here. From street to street new travel agents began and I must say all of them were successful for a certain margin until this disaster happened.

There onwards there is a decline in travel agents, only the top companies with some stability are holding by. For example, a company which is ranked #1 in boat tours in Sri Lanka named Sri Lanka Tour Drivers are working on awareness program on Facebook, by letting people know that Sri Lanka is safe to travel.

I have talked to almost all top travel agents of Sri Lanka, their main mindset is they can’t let down their country. This is a lucky excellent chance for you to experience outstanding service from top travel agents who are still holding on.

4. Beaches — exotic & safe.

Down south of Sri Lanka, can be a significant reason why you should travel to Sri Lanka. The first reason being, the location has some serene beaches and excellent hotels that provide top-notch services.

Beaches on down south include Unawatuna beach, which is excellent for a stay this season. Down south also features old ruins of Galle Fort, the well known for selfies Galle Lighthouse and so on. Not to mention, there is also Whale Watching which is just mind-blowing!

On the other hand, down south of Sri Lanka is easily reachable because of the highway systems also very safe from the Easter attacks. The beaches of Sri Lanka are so good that you should never miss a romantic candle night dinner in one of them.

5. Ella Train Journey — World’s Best Train Ride.

If you love train rides, or if you love beautiful sights or you just want perfect video footage to upload on your social media then come to Sri Lanka. There is a train ride which is rated as the World’s Most Beautiful Train ride, the train trip to Ella stands tall as one of the major highlights of Sri Lanka.

If you are traveling to Sri Lanka, the one most memorable element that you should never miss will be the Ella Train Ride. The train ride is extremely safe, goes slow with rhythmic train sound soothing your soul. Witness the most scenic hills. chilling climate, ever-lasting nature of the tea plantations and the uncapturable moments that you will ever see in life and as usual don’t forget to take some videos (this will gain you ton of followers).

Those are my explanations or the 5 reasons why you should consider traveling Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is still safe to travel, I know that I have repeated this a lot of time in this article but hey, my country is one best country to travel. If you are planning your holidays, please consider Sri Lanka. You will thank me later

Why do Arab tourists like to visit Sri Lanka? Here’s why you should too!

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Sri Lanka attracts tourists from countries all over the world. Countries from the middle east are well known for their interest in visiting Sri Lanka. Most Arab tourists are Muslims! Sri Lanka is a “friendly country” so to pray or to find halal food, it’s more convenient in a country like Sri Lanka.

Not every country has a mosque in every street, in Sri Lanka you do. Whenever you visit Sri Lanka, you feel the fresh air, welcoming people and a stunning environment that attracts anyone.

Here are the main reasons why Arabs travel to Sri Lanka;

  1. Friendly country, that welcomes almost everyone and every family.
  2. Easy access to mosques and prayers on time.
  3. Halal food is available everywhere.
  4. Best customer service and rates.
  5. Arabic speaking drivers and tour guides.

The above facts make Sri Lanka one of the friendliest countries for the Arabs, hence that’s the reason why they are so much interested.

Sri Lanka still #1 country to travel – says Lonely Planet

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Sri Lanka is a wonderful country to travel to. For the past years, it has welcomed travelers from all over the globe. Because of some unfortunate incidents that happened in the name of Easter attacks, it changed the picture the other way around.

Since then, life has returned to normal and other countries have raised their travel advisories and we already saw a spike in people who visit Sri Lanka.

With that being said, there is also another good news for travelers, and that’s an extremely good one. Lonely planet which is a well-known platform or website among travelers has reaffirmed its ranking of state because the best place to go to in 2019, in spite of the Easter Sunday attacks is still SRI LANKA.

Source: Why I won’t give up on Sri Lanka and you shouldn’t either.
Similar: 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Sri Lanka now.

It highlighted Sri Lanka’s food, the “epic” train rides, the Hill Country and also the “incomparable” beaches as reasons it ought to still air the highest of tourists’ travel plans.

This might be a great opportunity for you to visit Sri Lanka, with almost all discounts still existing. As far as security concerns go, Sri Lanka is now tightened with security and a breach is a thing of the past.

Is it safe to travel Sri Lanka now? Sri Lanka Travel Advice!

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Sri Lanka is well known for its travel-friendliness and almost the first option for international travelers. For the past 5 years, Sri Lanka has grown from nothing to a country with 10 million arrivals per anum. The tourism sector has grown a lot in quantity as well as quality.

With that being said, the heartbreaking Easter Sunday blackout has caused major chaos and casualties in the country. On the other hand, the well-built name of Sri Lanka has been demolished. “Which locations should I chose” changed to “Is Sri Lanka safe to travel?”. Companies and people who are working in the travel sector faced a major hit due to the back to back cancelations and expected travelers count went unexpectedly low.

Henceforth, the situation is now under control and the travel advisory from other countries (that were imposed) has been taken down.

Here is the list of countries that downgraded their imposed travel advisory against Sri Lanka:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK

The numbers of travelers have steadily increased aftermath, steady growth can be seen and the Sri Lanka tourist board has confirmed that the numbers are rising and currently it is recorded at 2200 visitors per day since April.

Yet two matches (on the time of writing this) has passed from the attacks, three hotels that were attacked (Cinnamon Grand, Kingsbury Colombo & Shangri-La Colombo) has been re-opened and the churches that faced major damage is rebuilt and re-opened. Still, you can find high-security checks and armed officers everywhere you go and the high tourists’ areas are protected with an extra bit.

But what does this mean for those who are looking to pay a visit to Sri Lanka anytime soon?

Special Deals, Low-Cost Discount Offers.

With fire comes comfort on cold days. After all this chaos, the hotels and the travel agents of Sri Lanka are focusing on extensive marketing. Just like the army and security officers are working double hard the people on the travel industry are working double times of what they do.

Hotels have considerably reduced their prices. You can find 5-star hotels promoting their hotels for the rate of which 3 stars were. You can find attractive hot deals from travel agents, who are seemingly promoting their packages for significantly low rates that can ever be.

Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has indicated that the SLTB is in the discussion stages of planning an event to boost the island’s tourism industry and may enlist the assistance of global celebrities.

Trust me, if you are planning to travel to Sri Lanka. You gotta hurry up before this limited springtime vanishes. Maybe this is a chance for bargainers, they might end up with a great deal and for others, this is value for money. You will end up saving a lot for the same you would have 2 months back for the same quality if not slightly better.

How Safe Is Sri Lanka Now?

Minister John Amaratunga has expressed his understanding that the state of emergency implemented on the island at present would not be extended past 21st June. Authorities hope for further relaxation or removal of travel advisories after the state of emergency protocol is lifted.

The good news is Sri Lanka is returned back to normal. The chief commander has mentioned that all the individuals and parties related to Easter attacks have been arrested. With searches being held on the entire island all the related and suspects have been arrested and that’s a full stop for international terrorism in Sri Lanka. The tourism sector, which was pretty severely hit, is beginning to change momentum. Many foreign countries that had cautioned against visiting Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the attacks have relaxed their travel warnings.

Is it safe to travel Sri Lanka now? Absolutely YES!

Worth mentioning is that the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka has banned all sorts of unmanned aircraft and drones are banned. Therefore, if you are a huge fan of Ariel photography, that’s a no for now.

Thank you for helping us rebuild Sri Lanka and from Sri Lanka Tour Drivers, we can ensure you that Sri Lanka is safe to travel now,

How To Get Free Visa to Sri Lanka (Travel Now!)

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As said by the great Danish author Hans Christian, “To travel, is to live”, traveling is one of the most quintessential things in everyone’s life. For the last decade, Sri Lanka has established a very good repute in the travel industry, attracting many travelers by giving them a memory that will prevail throughout their life.

Why visit Sri Lanka?

The first interrogation that comes into mind is why visit Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka is known for its paradisic nature. We have written an entire article about why you should visit Sri Lanka.

How to travel to Sri Lanka?

Well, Sri Lanka is a welcoming country. Unlike other countries, you do not need any special permission or visa to enter this country. You simply book the air tickets, figure out your locations or the destinations that you want to experience & book the necessary hotel accommodation.

While you require a visa to travel Sri Lanka, it’s a hassle-free simple task that anyone with a working internet connection can do. Yes, you can book visa through the internet via an online portal (maintained by official toursim board, Sri Lanka) or also you can easily get one on arrival but with some extra charges.

Okay, how much does it cost?

While getting a visa is an easy task, the visa is not too costly nor too cheap. You will be filling out some forms, which of course will require some amount of patience and time. The real cost of the visa per person varies upon the country.

For the nearest neigbhour Indian citizens the visa will cost around $20 (on the time of posting this article) and for other continents & countries, it varies from $30 and could extend up to $50. Please also note that the visa charges which are mentioned here are only about tourist visa.

How can I get it free?

Saving some money is always good, for travelers, it is remarkably useful. More than money the amount of time that filling out forms, setting up the online payment systems, worrying about visa all the time in the air (on arrival visa planners) and also for those who are worried about making mistakes, the easiest way is to get a visa to Sri Lanka for free.

You heard it right, you can get a free visa to visit Sri Lanka. Wanna know how? From Sri Lanka Tour Drivers we have decided to provide all of the travelers, who are visiting Sri Lanka with free Visa.

After the chaotic easter bombings, life has returned back to normal. But still, we want to contribute something to the country, to let travelers know that Sri Lanka is completely safe to visit. Therefore, we are taking the first step of your #RebuildSriLanka by offering free visa to all the travelers who are planning to visit Sri Lanka.

That sound’s great. How can I claim it?

Visa is not something like a printable document that we can proffer you immediately. We will require some further information required by the traveler.

All you have to do is fill out the contact form below and click submit. We will reach out to you and help you claim the free visa. You can also WhatsApp us by clicking the icon on the left side or even talk to us through our online chat portal which is on the right side.

Let others know, remember you might be helping someone today. Share this post to your friends and family and let them know how to get their free visa to Sri Lanka!

Here’s Why You Need A Tour Driver to Travel Sri Lanka

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Our Tour Driver Mr.Safraz

Traveling is beautiful, especially when you traveled with your loved ones. While there are so many options to travel to Sri Lanka outperforms all of them.

Sri Lanka has the all fundaments to full-fill any travelers dreams, starting from cities, mountains, the 8th world wonder, adventurous train rides to beaches that are calm and stunning.

With that being said, recent days Sri Lanka has been isolated because of Easter bombings. This has affected the entire tourism industry and also all running businesses on Sri Lanka. The situation has returned to normal, but the black mark isn’t.

Travelers from all over the world should take Sri Lanka into their consideration and choose Sri Lanka as their travel destination. We have written an article about 5 Reason Why You Should Travel Sri Lanka.

Traveling Sri Lanka is easier, you can plan everything beforehand, starting from hotel accommodation to departure flights easily. Because of how versatile our country is, it is easier for anyone to book a holiday to Sri Lanka.

There is one important thing that you need along with the others. You need a perfect tour guide/driver to make the most out of your trip.

How Tour Drivers can improve your trip?

Tour drivers are the main reason why Sri Lanka bloomed like a flower in the tourism industry. They are the main reason why more travelers were interested to travel to Sri Lanka. Their service motive is endless, as the trip that you have been staying in your mind for the rest of your life only and mostly because of them.

You may have booked the hotels from the online portals planning out the itinerary yourself or you might have used a Travel agency who help you in doing the process. But in the endgame, it is the tour driver/the guide who take care of you. They are the ones that show a good image of the country, guide you with what is best and what is not, show you the best of the country and establish a friendly bond with you that you’ll become his friend for your entire life.

Sri Lanka tour drivers have contributed a lot for the country by helping out all the travelers who are planning to visit Sri Lanka. One you have come here, they are the ones who will be carrying you out.

For example, you might be wondering what is the best restaurant that I can have my lunch today. You have visited Sri Lanka, the internet is not working and the only thing you have in hand is your tour driver’s advice which will be the best you can get. He will guide you with the best restaurant in the city of stay according to your preference.

You might be wondering which activities are best to do in Bentota, plus in the short time of stay. The tour driver will guide with the best to suit your time frame.

Heart of the matter…

The Easter bombings have caused major chaos to the tourism industry. Watching these hotels that are built for service motive going bankrupt hurts.

The tourism board of Sri Lanka is helping out and aiding out the hotels, attractions are beings renovated, and tour agents are being provided with adequate help. They are focusing on eradicating the black mark, but sadly no one really cares about them who have helped us climb this extent by being the ladder for tourism in Sri Lanka.

What is really heartbreaking is no one is caring about them. Most of the tour drivers and guides have leasing installments to pay each month for their vehicle. All of them, almost all of them manage this alongside their child’s expenses and family responsibility. None is really concerned about their service towards the country and the hard time they are facing now. The only thing they can do is leave this industry and look for a whole new different job.

The problem here is, once the country is recovered we won’t have any of our talented, experienced and skilled tour guides/drivers. That’s the sad part which will affect our quality of service towards travelers. Don’t let our tour drivers down, let’s raise awareness about the soles that have raised tourism in Sri Lanka upto this standard.

Therefore, from Sri Lanka Tour Drivers we are taking the first step forward. Help them with your kindness by sharing this.