5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Sri Lanka Now

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After the heartbreaking Easter attacks that took place on April 21st Sri Lanka’s tourism has skyrocketed the other way around, from that onwards things have changed here, life is returning to normal but wrong impression is still on the face of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is well known among international travelers, because of its beautiful beaches, astonishing hill country, and mind-blowing historical sites. The country is still safe, I can just promise you with this as I am living in Colombo. Forget about fake news that is being circulated, the country is safe for travel.

I will bring forward the top 5 Reasons why you should travel to Sri Lanka right now!

1. Prices dropped, excellent service remains.

Right now, Sri Lanka is in a situation that most of the investors who have invested their time, money and energy on the travel or tourism industry are going bankrupt. This is a chance for a smart traveler to take advantage.

Hotels and activities managements have drastically dropped their prices to a lower amount without compromising on anything. The services will remain great like always it has been. This is the right chance to enjoy 5-star hotel deals for a cheap rate like 3-star hotel.

By having words with individual hotels, I just realized they just want other country travelers to feel safe when they arrive here, they have taken exceptional security measure and also made sure that people will get this all in a better rate.

This is one big opportunity to travel the country, luxuriously.

2. Kandy is a beautiful city.

With Colombo being the main center of all attacks, Kandy is a similar option to Colombo if you wanna skip Colombo. Kandy has some of the greatest attractions.

Here are some of them: 
1. The Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic
2. Royal Palace of Kandy
3. Udawattekele Sanctuary
4. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (en route visit)

Kandy can be the main reason why you should visit Sri Lanka, because of the beautiful environment and tourists show considerable interest in Kandy.

3. Top Companies want travelers, they will offer excellent service.

In recent times because of the vast amount of incoming travelers to Sri Lanka, made a significant impact on people living here. From street to street new travel agents began and I must say all of them were successful for a certain margin until this disaster happened.

There onwards there is a decline in travel agents, only the top companies with some stability are holding by. For example, a company which is ranked #1 in boat tours in Sri Lanka named Sri Lanka Tour Drivers are working on awareness program on Facebook, by letting people know that Sri Lanka is safe to travel.

I have talked to almost all top travel agents of Sri Lanka, their main mindset is they can’t let down their country. This is a lucky excellent chance for you to experience outstanding service from top travel agents who are still holding on.

4. Beaches — exotic & safe.

Down south of Sri Lanka, can be a significant reason why you should travel to Sri Lanka. The first reason being, the location has some serene beaches and excellent hotels that provide top-notch services.

Beaches on down south include Unawatuna beach, which is excellent for a stay this season. Down south also features old ruins of Galle Fort, the well known for selfies Galle Lighthouse and so on. Not to mention, there is also Whale Watching which is just mind-blowing!

On the other hand, down south of Sri Lanka is easily reachable because of the highway systems also very safe from the Easter attacks. The beaches of Sri Lanka are so good that you should never miss a romantic candle night dinner in one of them.

5. Ella Train Journey — World’s Best Train Ride.

If you love train rides, or if you love beautiful sights or you just want perfect video footage to upload on your social media then come to Sri Lanka. There is a train ride which is rated as the World’s Most Beautiful Train ride, the train trip to Ella stands tall as one of the major highlights of Sri Lanka.

If you are traveling to Sri Lanka, the one most memorable element that you should never miss will be the Ella Train Ride. The train ride is extremely safe, goes slow with rhythmic train sound soothing your soul. Witness the most scenic hills. chilling climate, ever-lasting nature of the tea plantations and the uncapturable moments that you will ever see in life and as usual don’t forget to take some videos (this will gain you ton of followers).

Those are my explanations or the 5 reasons why you should consider traveling Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is still safe to travel, I know that I have repeated this a lot of time in this article but hey, my country is one best country to travel. If you are planning your holidays, please consider Sri Lanka. You will thank me later

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